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Remedies for Gallstones – 4 Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Future Gallstones Formation

October 10th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Gallstone Remedies

If you’re suffering from gallbladder problems due to your susceptibility to gallstones formation, you may want to consider taking certain steps as your long term remedies for gallstones.

Gallstones are formed as clathrates with clathrates being defined as solid compounds formed when the molecules of a substance are trapped in a crystal structure of another substance.

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In gallstones, the bile molecules are trapped in cholesterol and salt crystals due to the overabundance of fatty liver acids.  In seeking remedies for gallstones, our main concern therefore should deal with eliminating excessive cholesterol.

We should consider adopting certain lifestyle changes that will contribute to cholesterol reduction as our remedies for gallstones and against its formation.  Checkout these following suggestions:

1. Lose weight but gradually and not drastically.

According to medical experts, overweight people are high risks when it comes to gallstones formation. Their weight and their cholesterol intakes not to mention the high levels of stored fatty acids in their livers, make them 6 times more prone to gallstones occurrence.

2. For those who are not overweight, do not limit yourself to no-fat diets.

If you will keep your diet totally fat-free as your weight-control effort, it will also make you high risk to gallstone problems.  Getting less than 20 % calories from fat is considered as an excessively low-fat diet which does not provide a proper balance in our dietary intakes.

According to medical researchers, these dietary fat content triggers the release of the bile contents from the gallbladder to the small intestines. Hence, if the bile does not get enough stimulation from these dietary fats, bile will remain slow and stagnant inside the gallbladder. The weight-loss diet should include at least 1,200 calories, 20% of which should come from fat in order to maintain a well-balanced diet.

3. Do not include saturated fat in your diet.

Many medical experts believe that most cholesterol problems arise from saturated fat. Hence, cholesterol derived from saturated fat is highly insoluble and is the main suspect as gallstones causing cholesterol.  Food rich in saturated fat are highly processed foods, food products that are high in palm or coconut oil content and marbled meats.

4. Exercise regularly to lessen the cholesterol that passes through the liver; since you will be using most of them as calorie fuel. Cholesterol becomes bad only when stored in excessive amounts and are not utilized as source of body energy or fuel. In addition, a person who maintains a regular exercise tends to take in large amounts of water which provide a cleansing effect in the liver.

If you will notice, most of these lifestyle changes have also been recommended as remedies to cure or prevent other health disorders. Providing remedies for certain body disorders is often equivalent to correcting our dietary intakes. We can safely surmise therefore that long term remedies for gallstones are actually remedial measures made in our diet.

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