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Passing a Gallstone: 7 Steps for a 7-Day Gallbladder Cleanse

October 3rd, 2009 · 5 Comments · Gallstone Remedies

As more and more gallstones sufferers veer away from surgery as an option in ending their gallbladder problems, the popularity of gallbladder cleanse is slowly gaining more attention. Gallbladder cleanse has been proven effective in passing a gallstone problem aside from the fact that it is cost effective and provides immediate results.

Passing a gallstone is supported by the fact that the liver is one of the most toxin visited body organ in our body. It has to purify certain foods that we ingest before passing it on to our system.

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Hence, it is important that livers are kept healthy by the right kind of nutrients that can give the protection it needs against the toxins it has to deal with. Through proper dietary intakes that contain sufficient amounts of water, fibre and vitamin supplements, it goes through natural processes of cleansing.

Gallbladder problems can be the result of magnesium deficiency. There is said to be an imbalance in the amount of cholesterol secreted by the liver to the gallbladder and the amount of bile it produces.

Gallstones will form and accumulate in numbers and soon grow in sizes if certain dietary habits will not be checked. Many advocates of natural cures believe that since the gallstones problem originate from nutritional deficiencies, passing a gallstone out of the system is as simple as addressing it with sufficient nutrients.

Nevertheless, the process initially deals with gallbladder cleanse by ingesting large amounts of these nutrients to counteract the effect of the deficiency.

The use of gallbladder cleanse is a combination of apple or grapefruit juice, magnesium sulphate, olive oil and lemon juice.  The regimen will take a week to complete, with the final days being the actual passing out of gallstones.

Here are the steps to be followed in a gallbladder cleanse:

1. Four full glasses of apple or grapefruit juice should be taken during the first five days of the regimen. Water intakes should likewise be increased during this period.

2. On the sixth day, stop eating anything, not even snacks starting at 2 pm. By six o’clock, take a dose of one teaspoon magnesium sulphate, commercially known as Epsom salt.  Follow it up with a glass of water.

3. Still on the same day, take another dose of one teaspoon magnesium sulphate and another glass of water after two hours.

4. Before the 6th day ends at 10 pm, drink ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil and ½ cup of lemon juice. Some people would prefer to mix these two ingredients but it is recommended that better results are achieved if they are taken separately.

5. You will know that the regimen has started to take effect on your first loose bowel movement. Your output will still contain your normal wastes as this is the starting process of the detoxification.

6. Succeeding loose bowel movements will follow wherein you will see some green sludge which is indicative that the gallstones are successfully being flushed out.

7. On the 7th day, stay home and get some rest. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.  It will be a wait and see moment as to when the sludge will slowly be eliminated from your gallbladder.

Do not expect that gallbladder cleanse as a means of passing a gallstone can be achieved like a breeze. It is also a painful experience since your stomach will feel some muscle spasms. Nevertheless, as soon as all toxins and gallbladder sludge have been flushed out, you will soon feel relief in being rid of your gallbladder problems.

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