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Natural Remedies for Gallstones – Effective Preventive Remedies

October 14th, 2009 · No Comments · Gallstone Remedies

Natural remedies for gallstones are ideal for people who are simply prone or susceptible to gallstones formation. A household may have a family eating basically the same food as everyone does, yet it’s possible that one or two members of the family will develop gallstones.

These are the people who have high risk factors and it would help if they were aware of this. Aside from that, a good knowledge about the available natural remedies for gallstones can help them address the stone problems as early as possible.

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People who have high risks of developing gallstones:

1. Obese or overweight people due to their penchant for having more intakes of fatty or cholesterol rich foods.

2. Women who are often pregnant have the high risk factor of producing excessive estrogen secreted during pregnancy. This will also include women who use birth control pills because the substances cause imbalance in estrogen production. For that matter, women aged 20 to 60 are said to be susceptible to gallstones due to the many factors that can affect their estrogen production.

3. The Native Americans are said to be genetically predisposed in storing high levels of cholesterol in their gallbladders.

4. Older people who have reached age sixty and above are prone to gallstones formation as a result of a regressing system. This group will benefit from additional vitamin supplements that can provide them natural remedies for gallstones.

5. People, who are managing disorders that require them to take drugs that will lower their blood cholesterol level, end up with having more cholesterol in their gallbladder. This includes people with diabetes.

6. Those who go through a rapid pace of weight loss induce more cholesterol being transferred in their gallbladders. The body’s metabolism is said to be affected by the rapid breakdown of fats.

7. Those who fast on the other hand makes the bile juice an inactive substance inside the gallbladder. The absence of fat results to a lack of trigger mechanism that will signal the transfer of bile to the small intestines.

Hence, if you belong to any of these groups of people, it would help if you know the natural remedies for gallstones that you should take:

1. Have sufficient amounts of Vitamin C, which has the capability to convert cholesterol into bile.

2. Include Vitamin E in your dietary supplement because they provide antioxidants that protect the liver. This can insure normal levels of bile and cholesterol production.

3. Add fish oil to your diet because of their Omega 3 DHA, the essential fatty acids that help in the breakdown of other fat substances.

4. Have more fruits and vegetables to increase fiber in your digestive processes and thus provide a regular cleansing effect.

These natural remedies for gallstones can provide a certain degree of prevention for any of your hormonal imbalance or genetic makeup to store higher levels of cholesterol in your gallbladder. For better results, consult your doctor especially if you are taking medications that affect your blood cholesterol levels.

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