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Home Remedy for Gallstones – 5 Traditional Remedies to Treat Gallstones

October 2nd, 2009 · 2 Comments · Gallstone Remedies

It’s a good thing that the treatment of gallbladder stones has already veered away from surgery as the only treatment option available.  Most of us cannot afford to get sick let alone choose surgery as our treatment.

Even if we opted for the non-surgical method of dissolving gallstones, it entails high cost of medicines that can take a toll on our budget even before it achieves total efficiency. Home remedy for gallstones seems to be the only way we can cope with this problem.

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Traditional medicines have been known to do the trick. Back then our parents and grandparents could still remember the traditional home remedies that were used as treatments. However when everything became modern and high tech, most of the traditional ways became almost forgotten.

Nevertheless, researchers have pored over records and unearthed them. As a way of easing our financial burdens, we can have any effective home remedy for gallstones once more, as our cost-cutting treatment option.  Here are some of them:

Remedy 1 – A daily dose of four tablespoons of lemon taken on an empty stomach every morning.  Do this for 7 consecutive days and its effect will purge you of your gallstones. Drink plenty of water to aid in flushing out the stones.

Remedy 2 – Have a concoction made from fresh juice of beets, carrots and cucumber. Each variant should measure 100 ml each. Take this mixture twice every day until you will be purged of your gallstones.

Remedy 3
– Another concoction available makes use of 30 ml of unrefined olive or sunflower oils. This should be your first intake of the day and drink 120 ml of lemon or grapefruit juice immediately after. Drink it for several days until it achieves its purging effect, wherein you will see the green stones as part of your bowel outputs.

Remedy 4 – This next home remedy for gallstones makes use of the pear fruit. No special regimen is necessary; instead eat as much as you can until it achieves its healing effect by softening gallstones and cleansing your gallbladder.

Remedy 5
– Extracts made into tea is a common home remedy for gallstones, kidney stones and other disorders that need flushing out of toxins and other build ups. One common herbal medicine used for this purpose is St. John’s Wort. A cup of tea will make use of four to five leaves drenched in boiling water. Strain it well and drink the tea several times in a day.

However, intakes of this tea should be for a limited time and only if it will serve as a treatment for a particular disorder like gallbladder problems.

Nevertheless, while taking any of this home remedy for gallstones, it is also important that you commit yourself into some life style changes. Your dietary intake particularly the amount of cholesterol you include in your diet should be reduced, since this can only counter the beneficial effects of your alternative treatment.

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  • Daryl Navarro

    Bin suffering from pain for a long time now but afraid to have the surgey cud u enlighten me about it thnaks

  • sharmila

    my friend has multiple stone in the gall bladder size ranges from 3-5mm, but he doesnt feel any symptoms . please do give useful tips to avoid surgery

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