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Gallstones Herbal Remedies – 4 Recommended Remedies

October 21st, 2009 · No Comments · Gallstone Remedies

For as many aliments you can find, you will also find information for treating them with herbal remedies. Gallstones are no different, there are many herbal remedies to help people just like you get rid of their gallstones and be pain free in a very short period of time. After extensive research, we were able to find the herbal remedies that are considered to be the best for gallstones.

Herbal remedies, gallstones, and cure all come to mind for those that once were convinced they were going to have to take time off of work and have an operation to take their gallbladder out so they would no loner feel the excruciating pain.

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The pain that many doctors would love to make you believe will be there the ret of your life if you do not remove the source of the problem, the gallbladder.

If you are seeking an alternative treatment for your gallstones, you might want to consider using herbs. If you are considering using an herbal regimen, here are the herbs that are highly recommended to help remove your gallstones:

1. Rosemary is an herb that stimulates the production of bile. It is also known for its calming effect on muscle spasms. Rosemary is also thought to have the ability to assist in the digestion process which would speed up the process of breaking down the fats consumed.

2. For a real boost in the production of bile and  an increase in the flow of blood for the liver, Oregon Grape is the herb for you. It can be used with other herbs to make a tasty tea that will help your body dissolve the gallstones.

3. Milk thistle is another herb that can be used in a tea to treat gallstones. It can also stimulate bile production and level it out.

4. Dandelion is a bitter tasting herb that is beneficial in normalizing and stimulating the bile production as well. You can include this herb with the milk thistle and the Oregon Grape for a distinct tasting beneficial tea.

Make sure you are aware of any changes in the way you feel if you are using herbal remedies. Gallstones sometimes do require surgery in some cases. Keep in contact with your doctor if your pain increases in intensity, if the pain lasts longer than normal or you begin experiencing jaundice, lethargy or vomiting.

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